NaslovComparing the incomparable? Migrant integration policies and perplexities of comparison / Snježana Gregurović, Drago Župarić-Iljić.
ImpresumGeneva : International Organization for Migration 2018.
Godina izdavanja2018.
Matična publikacijaInternational migration,
Volumen/godina/br. str.56(2018), 3: 105-122
SažetakThis article examines the level of development of integration policies in the European Economic Area and the attempts to compare and standardize them. We discuss national integration models and policies based on the results of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) and OECD/EU indicators of integration. Indicating the possible pitfalls of measuring and comparing integration policies, the results of researches into labour mobility and access to citizenship are examined. This comparative study shows that the indicators of immigrant integration are often at odds with the development level of integration policies, which results in their inadequate implementation in practice. Furthermore, EU countries face different challenges in the enactment of integration policies which spring from diverse (im)migration experiences, the scope of past migrations, and recent migratory flows. This is why integration policies should be re-indexed, taking into consideration the particularities of (im)migration flows, the size of the immigrant population and other relevant factors.
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Predmet-slobodno oblikovaniintegracijske politikeEuropska unija