NaslovImmigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Croatia: a sense of belonging and acceptance in the new social environment / Sonja Podgorelec, Margareta Gregurović, Sanja Klempić Bogadi.
ImpresumLjubljana: Inštitut za narodnostna vprašanja, 2019.
Godina izdavanja2019.
Matična publikacijaRazprave in gradivo,
Volumen/godina/br. str.(2019), 82: 5-23.
SažetakAccording to the 2011 census, among the 584,947 people born abroad who live in Croatia 70 per cent were born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). With the aim of determining the perception of acceptance and sense of belonging to the new social environment, i.e. the City of Zagreb and Croatia, this paper presents the results of empirical research conducted on judgemental/purposive sample (N = 301) of adult Croatian citizens born in B&H and living in Zagreb-Sesvete. The results suggest that, on average, the immigrants from B&H feel very accepted in the local community, and their origin is not an obstacle to acceptance and adaptation to the social environment. They also cherish their relationships with neighbours. Furthermore, they show a higher level of sense of belonging to the city and the country in which they live as opposed to the country of origin.
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Predmet-slobodno oblikovaniimmigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovinasense of belongingCroatiaidentityacculturation